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Dependable Social Security disability representation

Social Security exists as a means to help keep you as close as possible to your original earning capacity prior to any accident causing injury or disability. Everyone is obligated to pay taxes into the system so that if you are unable to work, you will at least have some protection. Let Anthony J. DiMartino Jr. Law Office help you get the benefits that you truly deserve for your loss.

Our team can help you when initially applying for benefits or disputing denied or discontinued benefits. Social Security is a very complex field and it is definitely in your best interest to have an experienced attorney helping you through the process.


Anthony J. DiMartino Jr. Law Office handles all types of Social Security cases, including Social Security disability, supplemental security income, children's SSI, and a number of common benefit appeals.

We offer assistance in a number of situations

  • Filing paperwork

  • Disputing claims

  • Maintaining your current status

  • Legal representation

  • Appeals and requests

  • Helping you avoid the unnecessary runaround

We can also assist you with

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